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Why hello there, Thank you for visiting our blog :) Our names are Jenna (the blonde one) and Chelsea (The dark haired one) We live in Cape Town, South Africa; one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Fashion is our forte and we can't get enough of it. So we decided to start a blog on behalf of our addiction. On the other hand we are normal teenage girls with big dreams, wishes and wide eyes. Please venture with us in this world of blogs and hopefully enjoy our weird and wonderful posts :) May the force be with you xxx Chelsea and Jenna

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Our little walk around the housing estate where Jenna lives. Quite a few people looked at us as if we were insane. Well I don't really blame them we were climbing on top of rocks and peeping over fences. Thanks to our amazing friend Peta Visser who was patient  and kind enough to take these photos :) She is our official blog photographer!
Lots of love Jenna and Chelsea xxx

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